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Aeroponic System

An aeroponic system is the most recent technology developed in the agriculture industry. This method of growing is probably the most high-tech system of hydroponic gardening to date. The plants roots are suspended in air and sprayed with high pressure misters, thus the roots receive the maximum amount of oxygen possible. The aeroponic system works by hanging the plants roots down in a container and spraying them with spray emitters that is connected to a high-pressure pump in the reservoir. The excess mist that is not absorbed by the roots collects and drains off to the reservoir. The pump is connected to a timer which allows it to only spray mist for a few seconds every couple of minutes, therefore power outages are deadly to this system as the roots are suspended in air and will dry out quickly. Overall the aeroponic system is definitely the future of growing, providing the most explosive plant growth ever seen.  No wonder NASA is highly interested in this growing technique.
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