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Dutch Bucket System

The Dutch bucket, also known as the Dutch pot originated from Holland is widely used among and commercial and hydroponic growing hobbyist for growing roses and vegetables.  It is recognized across the world for its overall versatility, effectiveness and price. This versatility makes it well suited for growing a variety of popular plants. A wide variety of growing mediums is compitable with this hydroponic system, including perlite, coco-coir, and LECA stone. The Dutch Bucket works by feeding nutrient solution to the top of the plant bucket with a drip line, which is connected to the pump in the reservoir. Nutrient level inside the bucket is maintained at a certain level by a drain pipe. The excess solution that drains from the drain pipe runs off to the reservoir and the cycle restarts.

Works well for:

Long term crops such as roses, cucumbers, vine tomatoes, bell peppers and pole beans. As well as shallow root crops like radishes, carrots and onions.
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