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The EBB and Flow, commonly known as the Flood and Drain system is an excellent small scale hydroponic garden. It excels in high density planting and provides a well oxygenated root system, thus it is a great choice for hobby growers or where space is limited. The EBB and Flow system works by flooding the growing trays with nutrient enriched water and then draining the excess solution back to the reservoir. This is done with a submerged pump that is situated in the reservoir and connected to the timer. This hydroponic system is extremely versatile and can be used with a variety of growing mediums, such as grow rocks, rockwool, LECA or vermiculite. The EBB and Flow system is a great choice for its simplicity, reliability and low investment costs.

Works well for:

Shallow root vegetables and all types of herbs

EBB and Flow System

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