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Common Plant Diseases
Diseases can be a real hassle when growing hydroponically. Luckily most of them can be kept in check by maintaining the right conditions in and around your hydroponic system and plants. There is a range of environmental factors which can make your plants more susceptible to diseases and pests such as humidity, air ventilation, the right amount of sunlight, wrong pH and nutrition as weak plants can be more prone to diseases. Fungi and Mold need some form of moisture for growth, thus maintaining the right moisture levels in the air and medium are crucial.  This can be achieved by circulating the air thoroughly and maintaining a low humidity (65-80%) around your crop. Diseases can also flourish in crowded or dead plant matter, so cutting away dying and dead leaves and stems is important in keeping your crop disease free. Symptoms and treatment  Anthracnose Symptoms: Anthracnose is a fungus induced by over-watering plants. The leaves of the infected plant shrivels and becomes marked with dark smudges Treatment: Spray the plants with the appropriate fungicide and trim damaged leaves. Black Mold Symptoms: New growths on plants are a white grayish color or pitch black. Treatment: Lightly scrape off the mold with a soft blunt object, followed by a gentle wash. Botrytis Symptoms: Botrytis is caused by improper ventilation around plants. New growths on leaves are a light whitish color. Treatment:  Trim damaged leaves and improves ventilation around your plants Club Root Symptoms: The plants roots swells up into "club shaped tubers. In addition to this, leaves could become stunted. Treatment: Apply the appropriate fungicide Crown and Stem Rot Symptoms: Makes the stems of the plant mushy and finally rotting of. Treatment: Cut away all the rotted plant matter and spray with the appropriate fungicide. Damping Off Symptoms: Damp Off is a type of fungus that affects seedlings. The fungus develops where the stems meets the soil, causing the seedlings to dampen, fall over and die. Treatment: Don’t sow your seeds too densely and pick out the seedlings as they come up. Damping off is also encouraged by cold and wet soil. Early Blight Symptoms: The plants becomes weak, developing brown spots all over the fruit, leaves and stems Treatment: Apply the appropriate fungicide. Powdery Mildew Symptoms: Powdery Mildew is a type of fungus that causes leaves to develop white spots on the underside, finally withering and falling off. Treatment:  Dissolve baking soda in water and spray on the leaves. Powdery Mildew prospers in high humidity, thus lowering the humidity should eradicate future problems. Root Rot Symptoms: Root rot is a fungus that grows on the root of plants. Roots will rot, darkening in color and some of the lower leaves will turn yellowish. Treatment: Trim off all the roots affected and spray with the appropriate fungicide. Rust Symptoms: Rust is red brown pods that form on the leaves of plants Treatment:  Apply the appropriate herbicide
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Common Diseases