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Hydroponic Systems

Choosing the right type of hydroponic system to match your growing needs is an essential step prior to starting. The grower must take into consideration what species of plants they are planning to grow and if it suits their situation. A well designed hydroponic system should be able to fulfill the following requirements.

The 4 main requirements hydroponic systems

must satisfy is:

1) Providing the roots with fresh, well balanced supply of nutrients. 2) Maintaining a high level of gas exchange between roots and nutrient solution. 3) Protect the roots against dehydration when there’s a power failure. 4)  Systems should be reliable with relatively low maintenance.

The Perfect Hydroponic System

- Has a simple, effective and inexpensive design. - Fully automated and requires little maintenance. - Is suited and equipped for the types of plants you want to grow. - Be as efficient as possible, waste less water and consumes less power. - Provide your plants with the best ratio of nutrient solution and aeration to the roots.
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