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Rockwool is a generally used medium in Hydroponics. Rockwool is a man made substance, made from molten Basalt rock that is spun into thin fibers. It’s effectiveness as a growing medium makes it an established choice for commercial hydroponic gardens. Rockwool consist mostly out of air, making it easy to control the water to air ratio. This in addition allows the hydroponic grower to achieve a more consistent yield. These days Rockwool can be bought in many forms, blocks, cubes, granules, etc. Ensuring a hassle free growing experience Unfortunately there are some health and environmental concerns with rockwool. As it is a man made substance rockwool is not bio-degradable and takes a lot of energy to make. Growers should be careful when handling rockwool due to it’s fiberglass like texture, always wear gloves and head gear when handling it.  
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